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6 days a week

Much emphasis is placed on practicing 6 days a week, and it’s something I subscribe to. When you practice that often the transformative effect of yoga begins to show throughout your entire life; not that it won’t show if you practice less, it’ll just take longer. Also, practicing 6 days a week within a mysore yoga environment would be extremely beneficial, as the teacher will get to know all the in’s and out’s of your individual practice and be able to give you better (more personalized) instruction. Of course, every single person is different and will respond differently to different levels of practice, not to mention other, legitimate reasons why one can’t practice that often…I think one of the solid truths of yoga is that you need consistency, 6 days a week is better than 3 if you can manage it, and 3 is better than 1, and 1 is better than none. The most important thing is that you practice. Anyone care to add their thoughts on an unwavering 6 day practice? Personal experience? Any yoga related thing in general?